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C34027   0.75"D x 1.75"H Holy Water Bottle
P23316   1" Clear Milk Bottle
L41101   1" Double Lace
F74920   1" Organza Flower W/Diamond x 6 WT
L02101   1" Ruffled Single Lace
R31401   1-1/2" Organza Pull Bow W/1 Met. Trim
F77016   1.25" Org. Flower W/Rhinestone x 6
F74982   1.25" Organza Flower W/Pear
L51110   1.5" Double Ruffled Organza W/Satin Edge W/Satin
R84101   1.5" Gros Grain Ribbon
F74921   1.5" Organza Flower W/Diamond & Pearl
L32101   1.5" Organza W/Center Pleated Satin
Q70401   1.5" Polka Dot Organza Sheer
F76982   1.5" Satin Flower W/Pearl
L546   1.5" Satin on 2.75" Organza Ribbon
R10601   1.5" Single Face Satin
D23570   1.5" Sitting Baby Boy/Girl W/Bottle
D16158   1.5"H Baby Boy/Girl
D30750   1.5"H Praying Angel Boy/Girl
D16142   1.5"H Praying Angel W/Dove
D16089   1.5"H Wedding Couple Asst.
D16141   1.5"H Wedding Couple Asst.
F74990   1.75" Organza Flower W/Pearl
D33724   1.75" Praying Angel W/Dove
D16110   1.75"H Naked Ange
D33563   1.75"H Praying Angel Boy/Girl
R10000   1/16" Double Face Satin
L40101   1/2" Double Lace
R20201   1/4" Satin W/Gold Edge
YR20201   1/4" Satin W/Gold Edge with Printing
R20201-21   1/4" Satin W/Silver Edge
YR20201-21   1/4" Satin W/Silver Edge with Printing
R10201   1/4" Single Face Satin
YR10201   1/4" Single Face Satin with Printing
R10101   1/8" Double Face Satin
R20101   1/8" Satin W/Gold Edge
R20161   1/8" Satin W/Silver Edge
D32832   10"H Praying Angel Boy/Girl W/Cross
I00007M   10"H x 9"L x 6.5"W Wagon W/Umbrella WT
D22974   10.75" Stork Carry Baby Boy/Girl W/Bottle
MEM10-PP   10MM Multi-Color Moving Eyes
OV10-144   10MM Oval Moving Eyes
MES10-pp   10MM Plastic Sew On Moving Eyes
D02110   11" Candle Holder
D01300   11" Pillar
D23051   11"H Stork W/Baby Boy/Girl
D33028   11.25"H Candle Holder W/Angel Boy/Girl
F27774   12" Lily of Valley Bush x 21
D88275   12"H Angel Holding Glass Vaese TAN
O72912   12"H Foam Letters & Numbers A - Z & 0 - 9
SS612   12MM Black Animal Eyes
SS112-06   12MM Blue Animal Eyes
SS212-06   12MM Blue Cat Eyes
SS112-07   12MM Brown Animal Eyes
SS212-05   12MM Green Cat Eyes
MEM12-PP   12MM Multi-Color Moving Eyes
OV12-144   12MM Oval Moving Eyes
MES12-PP   12MM Plastic Sew On Moving Eyes
SS112-01   12MM Yellow Animal Eyes
SS212-01   12MM Yellow Cat Eye
I09701   13" Wire Flotting Candle Holder W/Glass x 2 WT
SS615   15MM Black Animal Eyes
SS115-06   15MM Blue Animal Eyes
SS115-07   15MM Brown Animal Eyes
OV15-144   15MM Oval Moving Eyes
MES15-pp   15MM Plastic Sew On Moving Eyes
SS115-01   15MM Yellow Animal Eyes
O72916   16"H Foam Letters & Numbers A - Z & 0 - 9
I00007L   16"H x 14"L x 8"W Wagon W/Umbrella WT
SS-816   16MM Frog Eyes
D27160   17" Baby Boy/Girl Sitting W/Bottle
SS618   18MM Black Animal Eyes
SS118-06   18MM Blue Animal Eyes
SS218-06   18MM Blue Cat Eyes
SS118-07   18MM Brown Animal Eyes
SS218-05   18MM Green Cat Eyes
OV18-144   18MM Oval Moving Eyes
MES18-pp   18MM Plastic Sew On Moving Eyes
SS118-01   18MM Yellow Animal Eyes
SS218-01   18MM Yellow Cat Eye
D30811   2 x 3" Picture Frame W/Cross WT/SV
D33723   2" Angel Boy/Girl in Hands W/Cross
D33721   2" Baby Boy/Girl in Shell W/Dove
D45098   2" Baby Boy/Girl W/Toy
01319   2" Diamond Diamante Corsage and Bouquet Pins
L42101   2" Double Lace
F74922   2" Organza Flower W/Diamond & Pearl
D33555   2" Praying Angel Boy/Girl W/Cross
L03101   2" Ruffled Single Lace
R10701   2" Single Face Satin
C03010   2"D x 2.5"H Glass Candle Holder
C33400   2"D x 2.5"H Glass Candle Holder W/Cross & Bible
I00030   2"H x 11"L Wire Candle Holder x 1 WT
R31601   2-3/4" Organza Pull Bow W/1 Met. Trim
D22500   2.5" Baby Boy/Girl Laying on Pillow
D00401   2.5" Pillar
P03695   2.5" Salt Shaker
D33591   2.75" Angel Boy/Girl Holding Dove
D32951   2.75" Angel Girl/Boy Holding Dove
D32952   2.75" Angel Girl/Boy Sitting
P23446   2.75" Baby Rattle
D01243   2.75" Ceramic Angel Holding Candle Holder
D33592   2.75" Praying Angel Boy/Girl
P23831   2.75" PVC Baby TAN
C55629   2.75"H Glass Baby Stroller W/Mirror
D02240   2.75"H x 3.75" Pumpkin Jewelry Box
SS620   20MM Black Animal Eyes
SS120-06   20MM Blue Animal Eyes
SS120-07   20MM Brown Animal Eyes
OV20-144   20MM Oval Moving Eyes
MES20-pp   20MM Plastic Sew On Moving Eyes
SS120-01   20MM Yellow Animal Eyes
O72924   23.5"H Foam Letters & Numbers A - Z & 0 - 9
SS224-06   24MM Blue Cat Eyes
SS-824   24MM Frog Eyes
SS224-05   24MM Green Cat Eyes
SS224-01   24MM Yellow Cat Eye
MES25-pp   25MM Plastic Sew On Moving Eyes
I00020   27"W x 19"H Wire Arch W/Bottle & Cups Holder WT
O62201   28" Round Organza Wrapper
P22893   3" Baby Bootie W/String Holes
F01693   3" Flower Candle Ring
C00001   3" Glass Fish Bow
P03690   3" Glitter Bottle CL/WT
P23351   3" x 4" Plastic Umbrella
H36202   3" x 6" Pillar Candle
D11802   3"H Angel W/Dove on Jewelry Box Asst. Color
O72901   3"H Foam Letters & Numbers A - Z & 0 - 9
D32583   3"H Praying Angel Boy/Girl W/Cross
D33064   3.25" Angel Girl/Boy W/Star
D11803   3.25" Jewelry Box - Angel
D33576   3.25" Praying Angel W/Cross
D30011   3.5" Angel W/Hunge
D33178   3.5" Hands Holding Angel Boy/Girl
D33066   3.5"H Angel W/Baby Boy/Girl
P23310   3.5"H Baby Bottle
D22130   3.5"H Baby Stroller
D84900   3.5"H Stork Holding Baby Boy/Girl
I00023   3.5"H Wire Candle Holder WT
C03411   3.5"H x 2"D Glass Hurricane
C07037   3.75" Brandy Cup
D11327   3.75"H Jewelry Box W/Fream
R99801   3/16" Curling Ribbon
R82101   3/8" Gros Grain Ribbon
Q70101   3/8" Polka Dot Organza Sheer
L526   3/8" Satin on 5/8" Organza Ribbon
R20301   3/8" Satin W/Gold Edge
YR20301   3/8" Satin W/Gold Edge with Printing
R20301-21   3/8" Satin W/Silver Edge
YR20301-21   3/8" Satin W/Silver Edge with Printing
R10301   3/8" Single Face Satin
YR10301   3/8" Single Face Satin with Printing
SS-836   36MM Frog Eyes
101820   3D Crystal Lacquer Clear 2oz.
101802   3D Crystal Lacquer Clear 2oz.Starter Kit 0.6mm Fine Tip Applicator&CleaningPin Included
101844   3D Crystal Lacquer Clear 4oz.
D27111   4" Baby Boy/Girl Lying in Bottle
D22594   4" Baby Boy/Girl W/Bear on Pillow
D32561   4" Praying Angel Boy/Girl
D32628   4" Praying Angel W/Feather Wing
D32627   4" Praying Angel W/Feather Wing WT
D06099   4" Pumpkin Car
PLS004   4" Round Paper Lantern Fuchsia
PLS002   4" Round Paper Lantern Light Blue
PLS005   4" Round Paper Lantern Light Pink
PLS007   4" Round Paper Lantern Purple
PLS006   4" Round Paper Lantern Red
PLS003   4" Round Paper Lantern Turquoise
PLS001   4" Round Paper Lantern White
D68241   4" Stork W/Baby Boy/Girl
D22574   4"H Baby Boy/Girl in Bottle W/Stork
D60820   4"H Bell
C55658   4"H Glass Stork W/Mirror
D11895   4"H Stork W/Baby Boy or Girl
D11901   4"H Stork W/Baby Boy or Girl
D20251B   4.25"H Baby Boy Sitting
D32641   4.5" Praying Angel on Book W/Cross
D52658   4.5" Stork W/Baby Boy/Girl
D01650G   4.5"H Standing Angel Girl W/Bible
D11896   4.5"H Stork W/Baby Boy or Girl
D33737   4.75"H Praying Angel Boy/Girl W/Hands & Cross
MEM4-PP   4MM Multi-Color Moving Eyes
D25621   5" Baby Boy/Girl on Stomach
G05221   5" Silver Beaded Rosary 12PC/PK
D94051   5" x 5" x 6.5"H Pottery Vase
D94061   5" x 6."H Pottery Vase
O72905   5"H Foam Letters & Numbers A - Z & 0 - 9
D11489   5"H Stork W/Baby Boy or Girl
D33581   5.25" Praying Angle Boy/Girl
D22557   5.5" Baby Boy/Girl on Crib
P23835   5.5" PVC Baby TAN
D94076   5.5"D x 4.75"H Pottery Vase
R83101   5/8" Gros Grain Ribbon
Q70201   5/8" Polka Dot Organza Sheer
L01104   5/8" Ruffled Single Lace
L506   5/8" Satin on 7/8" Organza Ribbon
R20401   5/8" Satin W/Gold Edge
R20401-21   5/8" Satin W/Silver Edge
R10401   5/8" Single Face Satin
O62501   58" X 40YD TULLE

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